The U.S. and Asia Through Covid and Climate Change

Asia Society
28 July 2022

Back to Earth

Serpentine Gallery
15 July 2022

On the Move: A New Geography of Food

Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute
15 June 2022

Europe’s pivot to Asia

Asia Society
15 June 2022

Geopolitics and Global Mobility

Henley & Partners
14 June 2022

Global Disruptions and Digital Services

Service Now
9 June 2022

Asia Next Directions

Centro Brasileiro de Relações Internacionais
7 June 2022

The Future of Human Civilization 

The Great Club
2 June 2022

The Future of Work: Ready for ‘Anywhere Jobs’?

30 May 2022

Can we map Europe’s future?

Urban Land Institute
25 May 2022

Ascending Asia: Linking East and West

Gulf Capital
25 May 2022

Climate Migration and Programmable Geography

Urban AI
23 May 2022

From Climate Change to Climate Alpha

Henley & Partners
17 May 2022

Could all roads lead to Detroit?

13 May 2022

The shape of the future: Global trends and scenarios beyond Covid-19

12 May 2022

The Best Place to Live in 2050? Michigan!

South Haven Speakers Series
5 May 2022

COVID and Climate Change: Scenarios for American Real Estate

Fisher Center for Real Estate & Urban Economics
5 May 2022

The Future of US-Asia Relations

Milken Global Conference
4 May 2022

What mass migration means for America

World Affairs Council of Jacksonville
29 April 2022

Strategic Infrastructure for Ascending Asia

29 April 2022

Climate adaptation: America’s great resettlement challenge

Berkshire Hathaway
29 April 2022

The Futurist Edition

Carmel Public Library Foundation
27 April 2022

Greater is a north star for leaders

25 April 2022

Climate Migration and Future Population Centers

Urban Land Institute
20 April 2022

Building Resilience: Climate crises and the green transition

Thomson Reuters Foundation
4 April 2022

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