Move – Das Zeitalter der Migration

Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft
29 March 2021

Asia’s Leadership After Covid: Opportunities and Risks

25 March 2021

Asia Values | Global Leadership

Asianism Retold
14 March 2021

Future Trends – Asia, Data, Tech

12 March 2021

Navigating 2020 Data for a Prosperous 2021

World Government Summit
10 March 2021

On the Move: Trends in the New Global War for Talent

10 March 2021

EU-Asia Connectivity in the Post-Pandemic World

EU Mission to Singapore
1 March 2021

Resilience and Corporate Agility

Fletcher Political Risk Conference
1 March 2021

Cities and Connectivity: Scenarios for the Post-Pandemic World

 Center for Global Communications (GLOCOM)
24 February 2021

From ‘America First’ to ‘America’s Back’

24 February 2021

Oceanic Islam: Implications for the Indian Ocean Realm

Lahore Literary Festival
23 February 2021

Dialogue, Cooperation and Dispute Management: Bringing China-US Relations Back on Track

China Public Diplomacy Association
23 February 2021

Asia Vision 2021

Jaipur Literature Festival
19 February 2021

The New Core: The Future of Urban Real Estate

ULI Global Exchange Council
4 February 2021

The evolving strategic paradigm in the Indo-Pacific region

India Today
29 January 2021

Technocracy and Geopolitics in the 21st Century

 International House of Japan
29 January 2021

How to better prepare for tomorrow 

ETH Zurich
28 January 2021

The Future of Asia

Monthly Barometer
28 January 2021

The Post-Covid Global Economy

HSBC Private Bank
18 January 2021

Asia’s Macro and Geopolitical Outlook

16 December 2020

Future Trends: Climate Change and Real Estate

9 December 2020

A Post-Western Future

Cognition X
9 December 2020

Asia’s Future and the West’s Opportunity

Campden Wealth
7 December 2020

Asia’s Emerging Dynamics in the Food & Agriculture

7 December 2020

How Sustainability is Implemented in Smart Cities

Tel Aviv University
2 December 2020

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