Event Videos

COVID-19: Challenges and opportunities for multilateral diplomacy

24 June 2020

Beyond Belt and Road

24 June 2020

The Geo-economics of COVID-19

EastWest Institute (EWI)
19 June 2020

Not Just Another Boring COVID Webinar: Are We All Screwed?

17 June 2020

Asia and America in the Post-Pandemic World

Asia Society
6 June 2020

What the World Needs from Students

2 June 2020

Shifting Powers in the Post-Pandemic World

Network 2020
29 May 2020

The Cities of the Future in a Post-Pandemic World

World Trade Center Denver
29 May 2020

Investment Opportunities in Post-Pandemic Asia

28 May 2020

Europe, Asia and the post-pandemic future

Friends of Europe
27 May 2020

The great divergence post-Covid19

Schwarzman Scholars
20 May 2020

Why the future is still Asian

Generation T Asia
15 May 2020

TED Global 2009: Mapping the future of countries

14 May 2020

A Multipolar Economic Future

14 May 2020

Strategic Assessment: The Australian View

Australian War College
12 May 2020

Supply Chains and Connectivity in a Post-Pandemic World

Singapore Institute of International Affairs (SIIA)
12 May 2020

Five things that won’t change in the post-pandemic world

European Academy of Diplomacy
10 May 2020

The Post-Pandemic World: Finding the Green Shoots of Growth

8 May 2020

Covid-19: Opportunities for resilient recovery

7 May 2020

Aftershocks: What awaits us in the post-pandemic world?

Jaipur Literature Festival
6 May 2020

COVID-19: The future of trade and globalisation

Lee Kuan Yew School
6 May 2020

Asia and Europe in the post-Covid world

Asia Society Switzerland x St. Gallen Symposium
5 May 2020

The new poles: Power centres of the post-Covid world

Business Insider India x ORF India
5 May 2020

Scenarios for Global Property Markets

29 April 2020

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