Why India and China won't go to war

Parag Khanna Why india and china won't go to war .png

Rediff News | 20 December 2018

By Utkarsh Mishra 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said this at several forums, that the '21st century belongs to Asia'. However, it is hard to imagine Asia as a whole, given the multiple rivalries between its nations and presence of several blocs of nations whose interests sometimes clash. Like India and China's does many times.

To explain how the 21st century is the 'Asian Century', global strategy advisor Parag Khanna has written a new book The Future is Asian, which will be launched next year.

Khanna was in Mumbai earlier this month for a preview of his book and to deliver a TEDxGateway talk on the subject.

"It's a very healthy and balanced way to approach the India-China relationship; to view it not as one-dimensional (like) territory as if nothing else matters. Rather to be multi-dimensional; it's economic, it's territory, it's diplomacy, it's culture, it's infrastructure, it's many things," Khanna tells Utkarsh Mishra. 

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