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According to international relations expert Khanna (How to Run the World), the notion of geography as destiny is obsolete—a nation’s fate will be shaped not by where it’s located but by who its partners are. States that excel at networking will grow and prosper. Already, Russia and China are building supply chains with the developing world by offering technology and infrastructure in return for access and raw materials. Dubai has rapidly achieved equal status with traditional international hubs like London and New York City. Khanna’s insights are at once self-evident and revelatory. Why conquer when you can seduce? However, he demonstrates limits to the power of modern checkbook diplomacy—violent protests in African nations against China’s heavy economic involvement are on the rise. Khanna argues that an interdependent world will see fewer wars over access and resources. His seemingly inexhaustible expertise about the global economy is impressive, but readers may feel as if they are on a supersonic non-stop flight to international hot spots, complete with jet lag. This is a prescient guide to the geopolitics of today and tomorrow. 

Agent: Jennifer Joel, ICM. (Apr.)

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