Pax Arabia

By Parag Khanna

Sykes-Picot has turned 100.... Its map is crumbling.... What about the new map of the Middle East?

Connectography foresees a new Middle East emerging from the fractured decay occurring from Libya to Syria. Dr. Khanna traces the infrastructures in development from water-rich Turkey to water-poor Jordan, from oil-rich Iraq to oil-poor Egypt, and other pipelines, water canals, highways, railways and power grids to create the map of a peaceful Pax Arabia, a prosperous Arab civilization with stable commercial centers from Riyadh, Doha and Dubai to Beirut, Aqaba, and Baghdad.

Connectography contains stunning visual maps of this new Arab order, chapters on Dubai as the global smart city melting pot, analysis of how the Iran nuclear agreement will bring economic opportunities to Arab countries, and recommendations for how the region can better leverage growing Chinese investment.

See more maps from Connectography and order the book here.

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