CONNECTOGRAPHY at The Milken Institute Global Conference

Milken Institute |

Parag Khanna sees a new world order, one focused not on territory but connectivity: the roads, pipelines and Internet cables that are the most valuable currency of the future. In this session, Khanna, a leading global strategist and bestselling author, will discuss the themes of his new book, "CONNECTOGRAPHY: Mapping the Future of Global Civilization," and present some of its custom-made maps. Connectivity, Khanna says, is destiny, and the most connected people and nations will also be the most successful.

It's a race that China is winning with its massive investment in infrastructure uniting Asia and Europe. However, Khanna also argues that the United States can do much more with its financial and technological tools to remain a connected superpower. Furthermore, connectivity offers great hope for humankind, eliminating the need for resource wars and bringing new dynamism and hope to Africa and the Middle East.

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