Connectivity is Urban Destiny


I very much enjoyed kicking off the Urbanity conference in Brisbane with a keynote on the twin megatrends of connectivity and urbanization.

During my keynote, I explored the emerging megatrend of connectivity and its impact on the flow of people into urban clusters. Population growth and urbanization have heightened the need for greater infrastructure investment as well as economic master planning that takes into account shifting supply chains and disruptive technologies.

Australia rightly leads in smart city thinking at the intersection of real estate development, liveability, and community engagement.

I also served as a panelist on "INFRASTRUCTURE AS A CATALYST FOR CONFIDENCE: How the Next Generation of Mobility and Information Infrastructure is the Catalyst for New World Cities" -- sitting alongside a number of leaders, visionaries and pioneers behind some of the Asia-Pacific region's most significant transport and infrastructure projects. We spoke about how these once-in-a-generation projects will serve as a catalyst for major private and public investment in the decades to come.

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