Berkshire Hathaway endorses The Future is Asian as a top book of 2019

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Berkshire Hathway's newest edition of its recommended reading list for its annual shareholder meeting has named Parag Khanna's The Future is Asian as one of the top new books of the year.

Thanks to Charlie Munger for this pick!

Charlie reminds Berkshire Hathaway investors that: 

There is no more important region of the world for us to better understand than Asia – and thus we cannot afford to keep getting Asia so wrong. Asia’s complexity has led to common misdiagnoses: Western thinking on Asia conflates the entire region with China, predicts imminent World War III around every corner, and regularly forecasts debt-driven collapse for the region’s major economies. But in reality, the region is experiencing a confident new wave of growth led by younger societies from India to the Philippines, nationalist leaders have put aside territorial disputes in favor of integration, and today’s infrastructure investments are the platform for the next generation of digital innovation.

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