CNN feature video: Cities drive growth in emerging markets

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"The city" was one of the great memes of 2011. Most of the world's population now lives in cities, with developing economies featuring the fastest urbanization rates. Especially in these countries, one city (such as the capital) often drives the entire national economy. It's therefore crucial to develop an index that measures city economic activity rather than just at the national level. Which cities exhibit the most infrastructure investment, are attracting the most firms and are improving public services and educational institutions? Such an index could spur constructive status competition among cities to improve their performance and rankings.

Despite its status as an emerging superpower, India's thriving commercial hub of Mumbai represents approximately one-third of the national economic output. Parag Khanna tours Mumbai with CNN's Mallika Kapur to explain the need for a data-driven cities index, the importance of large-scale infrastructure to alleviate urban congestion and boost productivity, and the economic promise of Mumbai's Dharavi slum.

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