The common ground of freedom?

Pikene pa Broen |

During the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the Finnmark region and the 200th year celebration of the Norwegian Constitution, Pikene på Broen presents a Transborder Café devoted to the question of freedom.

With: Parag Khanna (IN/US), Kirill Kobrin (RU), Anders Sunna (SE), Kjartan Fløgstad (NO) and Katya García-Antón (UK/ES). Moderator: Rita Westvik. Music: Alexander Skliar (RU), Thomas Gostischa (GE) and Trygve Beddari with Band (NO). Book launch: Alexander Florensky (RU).

Transborder Café (TC) is an informal concept, a theme based think tank which brings together experts by involving the audience in an open discussion related to current political and cultural issues enriched with contributions by artists, politicians and researchers.



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