Four-Part Appearance on “The Agenda”

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Part I

Key topics include the global competition among political and economic models, the "next best thing" approach to countries such as Afghanistan and Egypt, why the "India model" is thriving across the post-colonial world, and how collaborative governance among public and private sectors is the key to successful leadership.

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Part II

Why our conceptions of diplomacy are out-dated and too top-down, whereas a new, organic bottom-up diplomacy is already the de facto reality of how we run the world. Governance has moved well beyond governments, and diplomacy has become a multi-actor division of labor that also includes companies and NGOs. Particularly energy and mining companies are now crucial to successful governance in resource-rich, post-colonial countries. New countries are being created on a regular basis, from East Timor to South Sudan, a process that needs to be managed by a range of players from UN agencies to foreign investors.

Part III

The rise of South America as the "third pillar of the West," the strategic significance of Brazil, and the rise of progressive Latin American leaders such as Lula, South America's increasing diplomatic and geopolitical clout, the potential for a new North-South hemispheric "Alliance for Progress," and the deepening business relationship between North and South America.

Part IV

The opening of borders is the cornerstone achievement of the European Union. Could we see such change across the Arab world? How would it be achieved? Borderless in a changing world.

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