“Hybrid Reality”: Lecture at the Singapore Civil Service College

Civil Service College, Singapore |

Hybrid Reality: Thriving in the Emerging Human - Technology Civilization, co-authored by Dr. Parag Khanna and Ayesha Khanna, co-directors of the Hybrid Reality Institute, discuss the recently published book at Civil Service College Singapore Centre for Governance and Leadership. Their new book explores the frontier of the information revolution: The Hybrid Age. In this era of disruptive technologies, accelerating change, and deep anxiety about the future, the Khannas explain how the "balance of innovation" has superseded the military "balance of power" as a measure of national potential, and provide a global tour of how the smartest countries, cities, and companies are harnessing new technologies to gain an edge. Whether the future is a dystopian global class struggle over technology or a Pax Technologica of transparency, access and equity will depend on spreading not IQ or EQ, but TQ: technology quotient. In advance of their recent move to Singapore, the Khannas wrote in Bloomberg BusinessWeek that "Singapore is not just a city-state; it is perhaps the world's leading 'info-state.' In this age where geo-technology is the key driver of geo-economics and geopolitics, it is the info-state that will have the upper hand. Info-states harness in knowledge and technology what they lack in size or military muscle. Info-states thrive by providing not just security, but also connectedness to rapidly advancing markets and technologies."

Hybrid Reality: Thriving in the Technology Civilization from Civil Service College Singapore on FORA.tv

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