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In the decade ahead, the undercurrents of unconventional economic policies, geopolitical tensions, climate change, technological disruptions, and demographic imbalances will collide in dramatic fashion.

Dr. Parag Khanna is the premier futurist navigating this complex world. He fluently fuses the geopolitical, geoeconomic, and geotechnological domains into a deep, confident, and actionable analysis tailored to your goals. Khanna’s six internationally bestselling books have always been ahead of the curve, establishing him as a millennial hybrid of Henry Kissinger and Alvin Toffler known both for his intellectual brilliance as well as his hands-on experience ranging from advising Special Operations Forces on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan to consulting government cabinets and corporate boardrooms.

Some of the provocative scenarios and forecasts he presents include:

Western populism will recede and pragmatism will recover

Countries will compete to attract investment and talent, especially millennials and Gen-Z who represent the majority of the world population and constitute the labor force and tax base essential to care for the elderly and upgrade infrastructure. As in continental Europe and Canada, centrist and pro-business governments will maintain legitimacy by absorbing the progressive agendas of higher wages, education reform, universal healthcare, and sustainability.

Strategic rivalry will give way to parallel North American and Eurasian systems

With American backing, Asia will continue its trend towards multipolarity with an increasingly confident Japan and India (as well as Australia and Russia) working to minimize Chinese dominance while benefiting from the infrastructure investments of its Belt and Road Initiative that are expanding transportation routes and food output.  Europe will further integrate with Asia along the “new Silk Roads” while taking a much tougher stance on China as well.  Meanwhile, the US, Canada, and Mexico will deepen cooperation in energy, agriculture, and industry to establish a robust North American Union stretching into the increasingly populated Arctic region.

 Platform technologies will bring us closer to sustainable capitalism

Despite today’s tensions over tech monopolies and data privacy, the vanguard of Internet companies will complete the restructuring of the economy towards P2P marketplaces with valuations based on real users and profits. Crypto-currencies and e-wallets will elevate the final three billion citizens into the consumer economy, but growth metrics and productivity will be redefined to include indicators of social progress.

There is much more covered in Dr. Khanna’s presentations from circular economies to smart cities to the technology arms race. He also always relates his firsthand knowledge of more than 150 countries and frequent interactions with the most influential decision-makers. Parag’s graphically stunning TED talks have been viewed more than 3 million times -earning him the moniker “Hans Rosling of geopolitics” - and he adapts his legendary maps and data visualizations to suit your priority concerns. His combination of insight and style delivers a personalized and unforgettable conversation.

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