PSFK on How to Run The World: “A Roadmap To Creating A Better World”


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In his new book, How to Run the World, writer and international relations expert Parag Khanna talks about the challenges faced across the world; depleting natural resources, political and economic instability and environmental stress, comparing today’s global scenario to that of the Medieval Ages. He also offers a blueprint for creating a stable world by encouraging active participation of multinational firms, non-profit organizations, innovators and other communities in the governance of the nations.

When asked by PSFK on what creative professionals like designers, ad executives and entrepreneurs can do to help secure our world, he says:

Creativity is the solution to so many of the global problems HOW TO RUN THE WORLD addresses. I champion the “creative capitalism” of entrepreneurs who design hybrid vehicles and low-emissions housing, as well as products for people at the “bottom of the pyramid like solar-charged mobile phones and laptops. I also profile the “celebrity diplomats” like Bono and Angelina Jolie who inspire people to support causes like refugee relief and poverty alleviation — and set up tech-savvy NGOs to do so. Entrepreneurs have now moved up the value-chain from micro-credit to micro-equity, buying larger stakes to finance small and medium-sized enterprises in the developing world. And business school students in the US and UK are working pro bono to make business plans for start-ups in Africa and Southeast Asia. So the community of entrepreneurs and designers has a tremendous role to play in running the world better!

How to Run the World has been released to rave reviews and is available from Random House.

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