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Profile by Jean Francois Begun

Henry Kissinger once said that, “You do not design a new world order as an emergency measure. But you need an emergency to bring about a new world order.” Quite poignant words given today’s environment, where we seem to be hurtling toward a perfect storm of energy consumption, population growth and food and water insufficiencies. For over 40 years, the World Economic Forum has been committed to providing the platform for improving the state of the world. At a time when the world economy is navigating uncharted waters and in the wake of the global financial crisis, the Forum is spearheading efforts to rethink infrastructure development, reshape responsible capitalism and encourage the free movement of people and goods.

Among the many minds engaged in the search for solutions is that of Parag Khanna, Senior Research Fellow in the American Strategy Program at the New America Foundation. With an impressive CV that boasts experience in the foreign policy advisory group to the “Barack Obama for President” campaign, a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader and a position as a senior geopolitical adviser to US Special Operations Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as being named one of Most Influential People for the 21 this 33-year-old doer and thinker has something important to say to a world no longer “too big to fail”.

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