The Forces That Are Uprooting Us and Will Shape Humanity's Destiny


The coronavirus imposed the strictest lockdown in history, completely freezing international migration. Yet all the forces that compel people to uproot themselves are accelerating: labor shortages, political upheaval, economic crises, technological disruption, and climate change. 

We have grown accustomed to several hundred million people relocating to start a new life abroad. What happens when billions of people are on the move?

Where will you live in 2030? Where will your children settle in 2040?

What will the map of humanity look like in 2050?


Prologue: Where will you live in 2050?

Chapter I: Mobility is Destiny

Chapter II: The War for Young Talent 

Chapter III: Generation Move 

Chapter IV: The Next American Dream

Chapter V: The European Commonwealth

Chapter VI: Bridging Regions

Chapter VII: Northism

Chapter VIII: Will “The South” Survive?

Chapter IX: The Asians are Coming

Chapter X: Retreat and Renewal in Pacific Asia

Chapter XI: Quantum People 

Chapter XII: Pax Urbanica

Chapter XIII: Civilization 3.0


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