A Changing World

Why America?
13 October 2021

Global Change Starts at Home

What Could Go Right?
13 October 2021

The Future of the Indian Diaspora

12 October 2021

Mass Migration

Charter Cities Institute
12 October 2021

The future of global demographics and youth

Zogby Report
11 October 2021

Populations on the move

Rachman Review / Financial Times
8 October 2021

The Future of Real Estate and Migration

6 October 2021

Shaping Humanity’s Next Decades

Business Fights Poverty
4 October 2021

Trucker Shortages and Climate Migrants

Times Radio
4 October 2021

BBC 5 Live with Dr. Parag Khanna

BBC 5 Live
28 September 2021

UK should have more confidence in taking in migrants

Leading Britain Conversation (LBC)
28 September 2021

Dialogues at Fulcrum

12 May 2021

Investing in Asia

Betatron Venture Group
8 April 2021

Müssen die Menschen wieder zu Nomaden werden?

Deutschlandfunk Kultur
29 March 2021

Buchpremiere mit Katja Weber

Radio Eins
25 March 2021

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