The Future is Asian is WEF “Book of the Month”

World Economic Forum Book Club
28 February 2019

Power Shift: The Rise of Asia’s Global Influence

28 February 2019

Why Asia and America are Trading Places

Big Think
27 February 2019

The most surprising aspects of the Asian future

Bloomberg TicToc
23 February 2019

The Asian World Order is Coming

20 February 2019

How Asia became the world’s new superpower region

Global News
20 February 2019

The new Asian-Arab nexus will determine West Asia’s Future

20 February 2019

The Asian system is coming together, no matter what

18 February 2019

The rise of the Asian century

Russian Today
17 February 2019

How can corporate America profit from a rising Asia?

The Cheddar
12 February 2019

From Trade War to Permanent Substitution

Amanpour on CNN
12 February 2019

Capitalism, Asian Style

9 February 2019

U.S. Is Waking Up to Fact That Asia Is Future of Commerce

Bloomberg Balance of Power
8 February 2019

Can there be a deal in the trade war?

Yahoo! Finance
7 February 2019

Previewing Trump’s State of the Union 2019

Yahoo! Finance
6 February 2019

Why It’s Time to Understand ‘Asia First’

CNBC Squawk Box
5 February 2019

Facebook Live with Ian Bremmer

5 February 2019

Discussing the Asian Future on TRT World

The Newsmakers
29 January 2019

There Are Multiple, Significant Players in the Trade War

14 January 2019

Tabadlab interview: The Future is Asian

11 January 2019

Citite, peoples and states in the era of global connection

10 January 2019

Think you know Asia?! Watch the book trailer for THE FUTURE IS ASIAN

9 January 2019

Dialogue 360 Interview

Network 360
9 January 2019

How the Eurasian system is already the new centre of world order

Firstpost Salon
14 December 2018

Millennials and the Future of Asia

Bloomberg TicToc
9 November 2018

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