UK should have more confidence in taking in migrants

Leading Britain Conversation (LBC)
28 September 2021

Dialogues at Fulcrum

12 May 2021

Investing in Asia

Betatron Venture Group
8 April 2021

Müssen die Menschen wieder zu Nomaden werden?

Deutschlandfunk Kultur
29 March 2021

Buchpremiere mit Katja Weber

Radio Eins
25 March 2021

Why the Future is Asian

London Politica
24 March 2021

Future Trends – Asia, Data, Tech

12 March 2021

Coups and crack downs

ABC Radio
22 February 2021

Conversations with Olga

Adagio Events
9 February 2021

Asia’s Rise In The War For Talent 

Global from Asia
26 January 2021

Goodbye, 2020

BBC Marketplace
1 January 2021

The Asian Century

McKinsey & Company
15 December 2020

The future of the world

Strategy & Future
29 November 2020

The Belt and Road in Africa – The Road Ahead

Global Reporting Centre
20 November 2020

Our Connected Global Civilization

Inside Ideas
19 November 2020

RCEP shows Asia leads on global trade

BBC Radio
15 November 2020

Parag Khanna über die Zukunft von Weltbürgern

12 November 2020

Inventing West Asia

The Westasian
29 October 2020

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