Month: June 2012

‘Technik’ and the City: How Urban Centers Like New York and Tokyo Are Becoming Info-States

The measure of success and power in the age of info-states isn’t wealth or security alone but also Technik, the

The upside and downside of transparency: Q&A with TEDGlobal guest host Parag Khanna

By Helen Walters No stranger to the TED stage himself, geo-strategist and author Parag Khanna is curating one of the

One Mega-City, Many Systems: The Evolution of Hong Kong

By Parag Khanna and Thomas Sevcik Ever since the handover of Hong Kong's sovereignty to China in 1997, land reclamation

It’s the Technology, Stupid!

By Ayesha & Parag Khanna After Tip O'Neill's "All politics is local," Bill Clinton's quip "It's the economy, stupid," is