Month: July 2022

„Asiens Jugend ist Unsere Zukunft“

Mobilität ist etwas zutiefst Menschliches – im biologischen, anthropologischen und geografischen Sinne. Wir haben über die vergangenen 10.000 Jahre all

Planet-scale Musical Chairs: 21st Century Human Geography

"Parag has a keen sense of the risks and dangers of our times but emphasizes the opportunities because the facts

The U.S. and Asia Through Covid and Climate Change

Are the U.S. and Asia coming together or drifting apart? The legacy of the Trump administration’s tariffs and Covid disruptions

The era of great mobility

200만 년 전 아프리카에서 직립 보행을 시작한 현대 인류의 조상 호모 에렉투스는 서서히 북쪽으로 이동했다. 빙하기의 환경변화를 뚫고 아프리카를 벗어나