Month: December 2021

14 Bücher zum Jahresende

Der Mensch ist nicht dafür gemacht, dauerhaft sesshaft zu werden. Das scheint, gerade in Zeiten der geringeren Mobilität wegen Corona,

A Great Global Migration is Looming, and This Could Remap the World

In this conversation with The Week, Dr. Parag Khanna lays out the framework for the future of migration, from questions

Fire, Ice, and Floods: The Year Climate Warnings Went into Overdrive

Eventually there will be widespread food and water insecurity, and as great swathes of our planet become unliveable, hundreds of

To Compete in the War for Talent, You Have to Offer Geographic Flexibility

In this exclusive interview, Dr. Parag Khanna elucidates the various aspects of the war on talent in the Asian region.