Month: July 2023

What You Can Do at Home to Help Stem Climate Change

If you’re in an area with high risk of wildfire, flood or drought, “Moving five or 10 miles doesn’t make

Will we still have culture in the future?

If culture is the way we grew up, in a certain place, surrounded by a certain community, then what happens


美国媒体报道,过热的天气每年给美国经济造成1000亿美元的损失。作为美国有史以来最大的应对气候变化的联邦立法,《减少通货膨胀法案》(IRA)计划投入3690亿美元用于能源安全和气候变化相关条款。气候阿尔法(Climate Alpha)的创始人兼首席执行官帕拉格·康纳(Parag Khanna)对《财经》记者说,希望IRA资金和其他资源能用来帮助社会更有效地应对气候变化。相信人类有能力适应与气候相关的自然灾害。随着气候变化的加速,那些适应速度最快和最慢的国家和地区,将分别成为赢家和输家。要引导投资者、企业和房主前往他们应该搬迁的地方,使其抵御气候变化的能力更强。

Resetting Globalisation: Where are we headed next?

Globalisation – some think it’s dying; others believe it’s evolving. What does the global flow of goods, capital, and people