Month: June 2020

MED Virtual Dialogue

Dr. Parag Khanna joined a featured dialogue and Q&A session withPaolo Magri, Director of ISPI, during which they discussed Asia,


By Kotaro Okada「接続性」という視点から独自の世界地図を描いてきたグローバル戦略家パラグ・カンナは、都市のロックダウンや国家の医療体制の差異による新たなる「移民」の出現を予測する。(雑誌『WIRED』日本版Vol.37より編集して転載)

India’s place in the new post-pandemic world order

Dr. Parag Khanna was a featured guest in The Quorum Club's webinar session hosted by Jyoti Malhotra on the India-China

Coronavirus Update: Supply Chains and Geopolitics

Dr. Parag Khanna speaks to The Hill's Steve Clemons about the geopolitical fall-out from the coronavirus as well as what