Month: March 2019

Russia’s Quest for Competitiveness Through Connectivity

[gallery ids="6510,6511,6512,6513,6515,6514,6516,6517,6518"] Dr. Parag Khanna gave the keynote speech at the Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum preceded by the official opening by

Brexit and the UK’s Future with Asia

  Parag Khanna speaks in-depth with David Selves about Brexit and its impact on Britain at the London Press Club’s

Geographical Reviews: The Future is Asian

By Chris Fitch "It's clear that Parag Khanna has hit on a significant and noteworthy global shift. Like it or

US-China trade war reflection of shifting centre for global trade

  By Chad Bray   Parag Khanna spoke to Chad Bray about how Europe and Southeast Asia stand to benefit from