Month: December 2021

Fleeing Global Warming? ‘Climate Havens’ Aren’t Ready for You Yet

“In this century, climate migration will be larger, and is already by some measures larger, than political or economic migration,”

Digital Nomads on the Rise, Gen-Z Have a Self-Conscious Guilt About Environment

Borders are becoming softer and migration restrictions are easing. What does the new global war for talent mean for Indians?

Energiewende und Geopolitischer Wandel

Wie wird sich die Energiewende in verschiedenen Regionen der Welt abspielen angesichts vom Klimawandel und dem wachsenden geopolitischen Wettbewerb? Ein

Migration and Climate Crisis: Challenges and Perspectives

Climate change is the largest and most all-encompassing global crisis of our time. In this panel discussion hosted by Germany's