Month: March 2020

COVID-19: How have Asian approaches differed?

Dr. Parag Khanna joins hosts Andrew Peaple and Vincent Ni, as well as New York Times China correspondent Ian Johnson,

The eerie parallels between COVID-19 and The Plague

By Jeff Schechtman Dr. Parag Khanna joins Jeff Schechtman on the WhoWhatWhy podcast to discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic will impact

Can Asia balance growth and sustainability?

With Teymoor Nabili In this wide-ranging conversation, Parag Khanna and Teymoor Nabili discuss how technology transfer among Asian countries holds

To save America, break up the presidency: Parag Khanna’s radical design for U.S. democracy

By Benjamin Landy In this exclusive interview with Fast Company executive editor Benjamin Landy, Dr. Parag Khanna shares his insights