Month: April 2021

Advancing Towards a Post-Pandemic World

Written for Henley & Partners' Quarter Mobility Report, Dr. Parag Khanna explains why 2021 is likely to be a fascinating

India has proved to be a popular—and clever—investor in poor countries

“We tend to view things ahistorically and through a geopolitical prism, so we tend to see the story as all

Migreremo tutti I confini non esistono

Orizzonti Per Parag Khanna la geografia cambia e la pausa del Covid è solo momentanea: il destino umano è il

“Das Zeitalter der Migration hat schon begonnen”

Wir stehen kurz vor großen Migrationsbewegungen, sagt der Politikwissenschafter Parag Khanna. Länder wie Russland oder Kanada könnten davon profitieren.