Month: November 2020

RCEP shows Asia leads on global trade

In this interview with BBC, Dr. Parag Khanna speaks to Sasha Twining about the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) trade

Global trends and scenarios: An Asian view

Dr. Parag Khanna was invited by EY to give a keynote for the Asia-Pacific Symposium about how geopolitical tensions, the

Parag Khanna über die Zukunft von Weltbürgern

Mein Gast heute ist Parag Khanna, ein globaler Bürger. Mit ihm möchte ich heute darüber reden, wie Deutschland eigentlich in

The Future of Human Migration and Mobility: How Coronavirus Has Upended the World

On the occasion of Henley's 14th Global Citizen Conference, Dr. Parag Khanna and Dr. Christian H. Kaelin joined in a